How to create your own BEP20 Token(Like safemoon)

What is a Token?

What is an BEP20 Token?

How to deploy your BEP20 Token in less than a minute (for FREE)

BEP20 Token Generator.

Check Mark Settings In Token Create

  • Can Burn:This check specifies whether your tokens can be burned to decrease the supply.
  • Can Mint: Minting specifies the opposite, whether more tokens can be created to increase the initial supply.
  • Can Pause: This check specifies whether your token and all associated operations can be halted and resumed whenever needed. This pausing operation can be used in case of a software vulnerability or a malicious attack. Be aware that enabling pausing gives authority to whoever is allowed to pause or unpause, such as the creator of the token, and this central authority may not suit certain use cases.
  • Blacklist:Accounts can also be blacklisted if they act malicius. Depending on the use case, it may be better for some tokens to have this feature turned off. Similar to the pausing feature, enabling blacklists causes central authority, which may not suit certain use cases.
  • Deflation Token:You can generate tokens like safemoon with burn, charity, and automatic distribution of holders



-- It's an online digital currency toolbox nice

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cointool It's an online digital currency toolbox nice

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